Neurology Linguistic Programming

Neurology – Brain and how we think.
Linguistics – How we use language and how it affects us.
Programming – How we organize our actions to reach our goals.

It is a concept that deals with personal development and change. Physics describes the laws of nature, chemistry describes the laws of the molecules that surround us. NLP describes the laws for how our thoughts and feelings belong together, and not least how we change them. It is sometimes called “the language of mind”. This means that NLP can be used to change your way of thinking or acting in different situations. It describes methods for how you can succeed with exactly what you want.

NLP can be used for much. You can control your powers: will, focus and optimum breathing to follow your dream in life. You can change bad habits into good habits and keep it that way. You can move on from bad condition in just a few minutes. You get help with how to end negative thoughts. You can control your mind. You will learn how to change inhibitory beliefs.

The core of NLP is “modeling”. It is about attitude, being curious, the ability to learn how other people do something, how you achieve the result you want, and how you learn it quickly and efficiently. It is based on the idea that we all have an inherent potential that is waiting to be unlocked for the benefit of ourselves and humanity.

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