Mental Training

The word mental in Mental Training shows that it is a matter of thought activity. Training emphasizes that it is about practicing mental ability.

Basic Mental Training increases the possibilities for body and soul to cope with the ever-changing changes and challenges that life holds. Studies show that basic Mental Training is more effective when it comes to preventing and counteracting stress than normal normal rest.

By regularly exercising mentally we can clear away stress and then we feel and work better in everyday life. Through the basic Mental Training, we can achieve a deep rest state where we become more receptive to positive messages.

The basic Muscular and Mental Training is a prerequisite for the goal-oriented mental training, it is designed to speed up the realization of various desirable goals in our lives. In the relaxing state that comes with the basic Mental Training, we can more easily prepare for real improvements in our lives. We become more susceptible to positive thoughts.

The brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality, what we actually experienced and what we just thought, or positive and negative thoughts. In a relaxed state, we are easier to get in touch with our subconscious and change our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. . We “trick” the brain with the help of visualizations and affirmations.

Through visualizations we create internal images of situations and events that we want to occur. We put the energy on the goals we want to fulfill and thus increase the opportunities for them to be realized.
Affirmation is another method for increasing the possibilities of realizing their wishes. Refusing means deliberately repeating positive words or sentences.

Mental training that is used regularly for a long period almost always gives rise to some kind of positive effects.

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